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Liam and Winters invite you to gather in the Deployment Zone, an online TV channel dedicated to miniature wargaming. For battle reports and exclusive content, subscribe to DeploymentZone.TV. For business enquiries, or to establish first contact, email: team@deploymentzone.tv

Deployment Zone TV was set up by Liam and Winters who both have Youtube channels regularly producing miniature wargaming content. Hear what they have to say about each other below…

What Liam thinks of Winters.

“Winters is the personification of a Werther's Original. Smooth. Creamy. Buttery. He is also as technologically advanced as one. I mean seriously, this man is afraid that his phone might one day take over the world. Technology isn’t his strong point. But thankfully for all of us, wargaming  and its associated lore, is. There is very little about this hobby that he does not know, and thousands of people have chosen to tune in to him over the years just to listen to his hypnotic voice tell his own story. To work with Winters on this project is an honour, a privilege and an absolute dream. And do not worry, this will not inflate his ego, he won’t even know how to log in.

What Winters thinks of Liam

“Liam is a special kind of mushroom. He has a real passion for wargaming and video production, he never stops messaging me and he probably makes the worst cottage pie in the world. He grew up the right way, in the army. They hammered him into a kind of man creature, but they could not shake the wargaming out of him.
I think he loves this hobby, more than his wife and children. Really, it’s unhealthy. But fortunately for us all, he’s very good at making video content and sharing his passion. And I could not do this without him. He really is a special kind of mushroom.”

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